The Goldsmith is Geoff Ferguson. Geoff designed and sold his first piece of
custom jewelry in 1983. He was at that time a teaching assistant in the Art
Department at Humboldt State University. He worked as a teaching
assistant all through his time studying metal arts. He received his degree in
Studio Metals from Sacramento State University in 1988. Choosing  to forgo
his MFA for a time he was immediately hired as a production goldsmith for a
jewelry manufacturer in northern California.
~ Geoff considers himself a Metalsmith with a love of Goldsmithing. His work is in all
karats and colors  of gold including such exotic alloys as Shakudo and the fantastic
blends of gold found in Mokume Gane.

~ It was not until he began helping his friend James Peet in Placerville that he
discovered his knack for Jewelry Restoration. His background in design and fine art has
allowed him to see jewelry from perspectives new and different from most purely bench
jewelers. It is his ability to reverse engineer/design antique and ancient jewelry that has
given him his trademark ability to "fix anything" that can be fixed and to know when to
throw in the towel and not try to restore those heirlooms too precious to be dallied with.
"I love to work
with all metals.
As long as it is
made of metal I
can most likely
repair the piece.
It doesn't matter
if it is gold or
silver, platinum,
copper or brass.
Iron and steel
jewelry are tricky
and titanium has
some inherent
difficulties; but I
love a challenge.
I want to see it
even if it is
in the opinion of
other jewelers.
love metal

~ Until Christmas 2009; and its closing, Geoff was the goldsmith at The Goldsmith
Gallery Fine Jewelry
store in Placerville CA. His experience allowed him to introduce
both the
Laser-Welder and Computer Aided Design to Placerville; thus enabling him to
provide jewelry repairs and design not previously available in the area. The  Laser allows
for incredible precision and scope of work to be performed on even the most intricate
jewelry. C.A.D.; of course; opens a world of infinite design possibilities.
Platinum can be most difficult to work with, but with the Laser-Welder incredible results
can be achieved. Old corrosive solder can be removed and the piece restored to it's
original "all platinum" state. Re-tipping of diamonds and other stones in designs once
nearly impossible to work on can now be completed with precision and little impact to the
rest of the jewelry piece. His connections after thirty years in the industry have provided
him with the network needed to offer "Eco-Friendly" and "Green" alternatives to common
jewelry practices. He works with "Green" suppliers and vendors of gems and metals to
ensure the most environmentally responsible result he can. Designing with C.A.D. saves
greatly on materials and lowers the overall environmental impact of the jewelry
manufacturing proccess.